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Our job is to help you simplify your tasks so you can focus on what you know how to do best and achieve success. Team247ltd is a leading workforce solution provider that brings the best employees and employers together, offering array of outsourcing and IT consulting services including world-class staffing on temporary and permanent basis.  Team247 is a truly 24 hours 7days a week services, applying strategic implementation in solving work force challenges. We are determined to meet new challenges of workforce flexibility with the right solutions caved to our customers precise business needs nationally

      Why Use Us

24 Reasons why you should use Team247

1. Qualified and dependable sourcing – Our staff sourcing is a perfected art and we do not deviate in any manner whatsoever from the policy in this aspect.

2. Ready options/backup always available – We can provide required and relevant staff almost immediately in most cases.

3. Perfect understanding your staffing requirements – Every client has a different requirement and a different staffing policy. We understand this and provide accordingly.

4. Training and experience level staff provided as desired – We can provide staff that matches the desired experience level and training that you need.

5. Exact match for your requirements by matching qualifications and experience – Although qualification and experience vary, we can provide the right match for your requirement in the shortest time.

6. Availability – 24 X 7 – We are available round the clock for any staffing requirements you may have. All you need to do is call or email us.

7. Local staffing options – We are adept at providing local staff especially in fields like care-giving which is more of a localized industry.

8. Country wide staffing options – For industries and technical staffing requirements, the need for country wide staffing is highly critical.

9. International staffing options available on request – For industries like IT, international staffing is an absolute necessity and we cater to them perfectly.

10. Temporary or time-based staffing available – If your requirement is time-bound or temporary, we can provide staff for such periods.

11. Contractual staffing solutions available – If your policy is to hire on a contract basis, we can give you options that suit the same perfectly.

12. Permanent staffing options available as per requirement - Senior positions are normally staffed with permanent options and we are equipped to provide the same.

13. Compliance with all government and agency regulations – Depending upon the industry and the geographical area, compliance with regulations becomes mandatory and we are geared to comply with most private and government regulations.

14. Background checks readily available for all staff – These checks are readily available to check before you hire.

15. Foreground checks undertaken if required for performance guarantee – Although not 100% fool-proof, foreground checks can enable you to ascertain performance after hiring. We can provide the same.

16. References ready for all available staff – Verified references readily available.

17. Dedicated and individual teams available to look after needs of almost all industries – Our industry specific professionals work hard to get you the best staffing options.

18. Staff ready for temporary to permanent transition – you can hire temporary staff, observe, train and make them permanent saving on a lot of costs.

19. Low cost options due to saving on resources upon transition – Hiring temporary staff costs lesser and you also save on induction costs making your hiring cost effective.

20. Flexible control over recruitment process – Hiring temporary and promoting to permanent will enable you to have better control on your hiring process.

21. Fastest response time for enquiries – A dedicated team of professionals will take up your case immediately as you send in your enquiry.

22. Dedicated 24 X 7 call options – We work round the clock.

23. Professional and trained staff to take care of your requirements – Understanding staffing requirements can be a challenge, our industry specific professionals can do it more easily than the generic options available in the market.

24. Resume data bank available on request – Ready to choose resumes are available with us for most staffing requirements.

Diligence is the middle word of our service and unlimited advantages accrue to you automatically once you call us for your requirements. We at Team247ltd are not limited to a singular service and have a highly flexible policy towards our clientele to serve them best. The recruitment industry is a highly volatile one and each of our clients has different requirements and policies towards staffing. We understand them perfectly to provide the best of services available.

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