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Team247, offers excellent pay rates to medical staff (Nurses, Doctors, Healthcare Assistants, and Support workers), with focus on your career satisfaction. We still maintain 0% tolerant when it come to registration and compliance.

This week, we are introducing a fast track registration system. Use the contact us form to speak to a member of our specialist team   

Our professional job board website staffing-solutions is at the completion stage now. The job board will offer job seekers an easy access to job vacancy all across United Kingdom. Job seeker can in few mouse click register, upload resume and apply for job of their choice. Employer too can  now benefit from our expanding CV database with current/updated job seeker’s profiles

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Our Foolproof Quality Systems

Supervision is one of the most important aspects that our system ensures done. We have a team of research staff in place who oversee the complete process of needed for  registration..                  Read More>>

Our training systems are some of the best in the industry and continuous training has helped us immensely. With proper induction training and ongoing process training under progress, we do …

To make sure that we at Team247 are on the right track and are doing our best, our practices are periodically checked by an independent QC team that works across the enterprise

We have a dedicated team that handles complaints at the most senior level to ensure that everything work smoothly. We deal with all complaints on an immediate basis and ensure that the staff involved in the complaint is relegated to outside the booking system until the investigation into the complaint is completed successfully. We also make sure that the complaints are an educative input for us and upgrade our systems to comply with any issues that crop up on a periodical basis.


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Team247ltd is adept at providing temporary, contractual and permanent nursing staff as the need may be, however, all our manpower comes with our full confidence and complete compliance and safety with the most comprehensive compliance systems available in the UK.

Completely foolproof enterprise-wide system: Team24tltd has a fool proof system developed for selection, compliance, nurse, HCA  and other staff registration and booking that is mandatory to be used for all recruits.

Since the access to the system is limited and controlled prudently, the selection process is completed only after registration.

The registration process itself is completely unique and strict and includes confirmed and verified training, employment and CRB registration (Medical Staff). The process is completed only when the references are completely validated and the records checked on a two-tier verification system before clearance.

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Handling complaints

Compliance & Safety for Agency Workers