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Outsourcing is the buzzword in most large businesses today. In fact, the success of most big business is leveraged on outsourcing. The process of contracting out menial or repetitive jobs including many a important marketing and back office operations to third world countries that have good and qualified manpower resources can cut costs drastically. This kind of outsourcing not only saves resources and money but also makes sure that every expended dollar gets the most in terms of both volume and quality.

Additionally, it also boosts bottom lines by cutting costs and improving profitability. Towards this end, Team247ltd brings you the best and effective outsourcing options. Our services include but are not limited to:

a. RPO (Recruitment process outsourcing): As experts in the field we understand that recruitment outsourcing can bring in many a added advantages to your HR processes, For beginners, it cuts time in the hiring process, expert handling of the process, enhanced levels and better usage of talent sources and of course cost cutting due to time and resource savings. Additionally, we also understand that the recruitment process outsourcing should also cater to aligning the HR or hiring strategy to the overall business strategy of the organisation. Team247ltd also brings a cohesive partnership based RPO process to your table with an objective of building a talent-centric organisation for you.

b. BPO (Business Process Outsourcing): Whether your organisation is large or small, there would be a need for certain processes like cold calling, customer care, accounts receivables, lead generation, internet marketing, database maintenance, development of new internal applications, date integration, warehousing or maintenance, payroll and a host of others. While these processes are crucial to the organisation, they take up a lot of time and energy in addition to resources like manpower, finances and more… add stress please. To negate the expensive stress that you are undertaking, it would be wiser to outsource these processes to companies that perform best and have expertise. Team247ltd can help you undertake this and help you locate the right companies to outsource to.

c. CWO (Contingence Workforce Outsourcing): With dog eat dog competition and changing market dynamics, many organisations are being forced to use contractual workforce to adapt to the changing needs of the business. The brutal dynamics require a change in human resource formulae and with experience and marketability being the main factors, addressing this issue is only possible through CWO. Team 247ltd steps in here to offer contingence workforce at the smallest notice and this service addresses Global MSP, services procurement (including ID management, RFx management, SOW management and independent contractor solutions), Talent pool management and centralised payroll services to enable a vertically lean and profitable organisation at your end. By offering CWO services to your organisation, Team 247ltd ensures compliance, supplier development, performance management, sourcing excellence, lifecycle management and program adoption.

d. Complete IT Outsourcing: With escalating costs and human resources for maintaining IT infrastructure not coming easy, complete IT outsourcing is the only way out for businesses. By outsourcing a gamut of IT services and IT support services to better equipped organisations across the world, you can sleep in peace and ensure that costs are kept down for better profitability. In fact, your CIO would be the best person to talk to in order to break down your services into critical and outsourcable. Once this is done, you can speak to an expert form Team247ltd to find the best outsourcing solution you can make use of.

e. Career transition and executive coaching: If you are looking at restructuring and reorganising your organisational hierarchy, talk to Team247ltd’s experts today and get the best legal and sensitive advice today. With career transition and executive coaching services being offered for a long time now, we specialise in executive training that aims to align personal and organisational goals thus bettering performance and optimising productivity.

f. Executive search: Being in the niche of headhunting for a long time now, Team247ltd offers you the best executive search services (both salaried and contractual basis). Managerial, executive or special skills, we excel at providing to your needs since we begin the process by understanding them in the first place.

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